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Underline your very personal style

Confusing fashion trends

From season to season, new trends are set in fashion metropolises such as Berlin, Milan and Paris. Sometimes the focus is on wild patterns and sometimes on different color combinations. Especially as a man, it is difficult to follow these trends and keep up, as uncertainty often overtakes you and you quickly ask yourself the question: Does this even suit me?

Simple and timeless men's outfits

The general rule applies to everyone: simple outfits are timeless and fit every occasion. It is enough if the man combines a plain shirt or shirt in a nice color with matching jeans. The important thing is the quality of the clothing, because that says a lot about you as a person. A freshly washed and ironed shirt is much more impressive than you think.

The effect of different colors

In order to leave a serious and competent impression, you should use simple colors such as black, white or gray.

Colors like light blue or beige are perfect for being remembered by others as open and friendly.

Personalized style for men

With the right accessories, it's easy for men to personalize their style. The rule is: less is more. You should approach it slowly and find your own style. Accessories are so good because you can combine them with each other depending on the occasion. Save Brave, the men's jewelry brand, has a selection of men's jewelry to suit every taste. The jewelry is made of stainless steel and silver . The stainless steel bracelets like the Figaro bracelet Jason

or Keith Figaro bracelet are ideal as eye-catchers for business outfits as they are both simple and meaningful.

Accessories such as the Fleur de Lys bracelet made of lava stone and bronzite beads or the tiger eye bead necklace can be ideally combined with casual leisure outfits and underline your personal style.

Because Save Brave offers many different styles, it is easy to find your own personal accessories to complete your outfit.