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Make your fashion statement

Earrings and rings for men

Today's man definitely makes a fashion statement with rings and earrings. Whether silver or stainless steel, with strong symbols such as a skull or fleur de lys, these pieces of jewelry for men will be on trend in 2022. Whether with a suit or casual, rings enhance an outfit and show that the man wants to live out his style, designs it individually and attaches importance to his appearance. Jewelry for men is a real eye-catcher!

Rings with a vintage look are particularly popular, our Vintage Save Brave rings are made of 925 sterling silver and optionally with cross decoration or black spinel. The look of the fleur de lys or the skull make the look even cooler. The rings are available in all sizes and can therefore be worn on the middle, index or little finger. In the past, wearing a ring on the little finger was associated with the family coat of arms or aristocratic origins. Nowadays, clans or secret organizations also wear so-called signet rings on their little fingers to demonstrate their affiliations. We say: it's all nonsense! The modern man wears rings on his fingers that he likes and to make an impression.

Earrings are also a cool statement for your outfit. You can also find men's rings at Save Brave. Order online now and on account!