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Men's jewelry for fashion-conscious men

Skillfully selected men's accessories are perfect for enhancing your outfit. Depending on the occasion and type, you can vary between inconspicuous and classic, but also eye-catching jewelry. Accessories can be used to consciously set accents; they serve to underline your personal style and ensure a more fashion-conscious appearance.

Self-confidence through the right clothing

Clothes make the man – Many people are not aware of the importance of choosing the right clothing. Clothing is a means of communication; it says a lot about a person. With the right outfit and the right accessories you can boost your self-confidence and positively influence your first impression on other people.

Accessories to suit the occasion

Accessories for casual style

Basically, the accessories should match the rest of the outfit. Eye-catching stainless steel jewelry or jewelry with leather details are suitable for basic outfits that you like to wear in your free time. These are an eye-catcher and enhance the outfit. The Tommy anchor chain in black/silver made of stainless steel is perfect for leisure styles. It looks exactly the same with the Steven armor bracelet made of stainless steel . The bracelet is simple, but is a real eye-catcher due to its width.

Accessories for chic occasions

In contrast to leisure style, simpler yet higher quality accessories are more suitable for chic occasions. An example of a high-quality, yet timeless and simple men's bracelet is the “Dragon” bracelet made of sterling silver . The silver clasp with its elaborate decoration makes it something special. Another accessory that completes the elegant look are rings. The Save Brave stainless steel ring Peter in black with cross decoration is a must-have for every fashion-conscious man.

BRAND NEW: Gorilla Collection

If you're not just looking for chic, but also for something completely different, then we can recommend our new Gorilla collection . In addition to necklaces made of stainless steel, you can find leather bracelets and pearl bracelets from 39 euros. With every purchase you do something good at the same time. While you wear your new piece of jewelry, we donate to the preservation of the gorillas' habitat.

The fragrance as another accessory for men

According to a representative consumer research survey, 83 percent of women said that a good-smelling male scent was attractive. That's why a high-quality, long-lasting fragrance is essential for the fashion-conscious man. The new Save Brave fragrances in two different scents represent the self-confident man.

The first fragrance SAVE BRAVE UrBN can be described as a combination of woody-spicy accords of the jungle with a hint of oriental notes. Warmth, security, familiarity, all of this exudes the mixture of cedar wood and vetiver oil, as well as chocolate and tonka beans. A small essence of pineapple provides fruity lightness and seductive sweetness. Lavender oil and black pepper add a touch of sensuality and depth.

The second fragrance, SAVE BRAVE HPsTR, describes itself as a combination of self-confident elegance and youthful lightness. Woody nuances of cedar wood and the intensity of black pepper followed by exotic and floral heart notes through the addition of cardamom and vanilla, as well as violet and citrus, create an olfactory elixir that reflects courage and assertiveness.

With every piece of Gorilla jewelry & perfume purchased, the projects of Berggorilla & Regenwald Direkthilfe eV are supported. The organization is committed to protecting mountain gorillas and their habitat - www.berggorilla.org!

Both perfumes are available in selected perfumeries and drugstores!