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Set special accents with the right accessories

Accessories in the men's world

Accessories can't just be worn by women - fashion-conscious men definitely belong here too. They complete your outfit and enhance each of your looks. They also offer you the opportunity to present your charm and personality to the outside world. With the right accessories, you can wear the same outfit every day but still look different. Rule number 1 to keep in mind here is subtlety. On the way to the perfect outfit, the balance of the different accessories is important, because as the saying goes: “Less is more.” The more subtle the outfit, the more unusual the accessories, and the same applies the other way around. Even with just a few pieces of jewelry, you can become the eye-catcher of the day. Leather bracelets go perfectly with more casual outfits, while metal bracelets can be worn in combination with a watch for more dressy occasions. Our SAVE BRAVE bracelets are available in different styles. Men's bracelet meets fashionable sophistication. Our bracelets are handmade with love. Onyx is considered the stone of strength and paired with stainless steel, this bracelet suits every man.

Hats, watches or glasses?

But bracelets are not the only men's accessories. Rings are also a very popular piece of jewelry. Although people primarily think of the wedding ring, rings in general are more of a decoration. The best case scenario is to take one or two rings and coordinate them with the rest of your look. Combined with a matching necklace, the whole thing looks more harmonious. A stylish hat or cool glasses are also welcome - it doesn't always have to be jewelry that makes your outfit shine! The most important thing is that you keep an eye on the color of your outfit and also pay attention to the quality of different pieces of jewelry, because after all, it should last a long time. The SAVE BRAVE collection offers a diverse selection of stainless steel necklaces with stylish pendants. Stainless steel is perfect for men's necklaces because it is durable yet easy to customize. The cherry on the cake, however, would be a casual unbuttoning of the shirt or a casual rolling up of the sleeves.