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Bracelets made of onyx - tiger eye and pearls for men our natural stones

Pearls are back in fashion. Whether as a necklace or around the wrist, we can see this jewelry trend everywhere. You might be thinking right now that pearls aren't suitable for men, but you're wrong. Not only women can wear pearls, men can also stylishly showcase pearls. The Save Brave collection offers a large selection of cool pearl jewelry. No matter whether onyx, tiger eyes, Viking beads or other beads. Pearls have the advantage that they can be easily combined with some outfits and other pieces of jewelry.

At Save Brave you can find some onyx jewelry. Onyx is one of the most important healing stones on our planet and it increases your self-confidence and resilience. It also gives the wearer more joy in life. Here at Save Brave you will find some bracelets with onyx beads that give your wrist an elegant touch. Onyx beads match any of your outfits thanks to their dark color - a real must-have.

Save Brave also has some jewelry with tiger eye beads. Tiger eyes are minerals that give the wearer courage, protection and security. They are also said to protect against influences such as stress, strain or doubt through greater balance. The Save Brave men's bracelet with tiger eye pearl and a silver pearl is totally stylish and trendy. This is a brown pearl bracelet that suits every occasion. Whether sporty, elegant or cool. Each bead of the elastic bracelet is unique. So if you are looking for an expressive, individual piece of jewelry, you have come to the right place.

As already mentioned, pearls can be styled with almost any outfit. But did you also know that the combination of different pearls is very trendy? This is exactly why you can also find bracelets here at Save Brave that are made up of two different beads. For example, the bracelet made of lava beads and tiger eye beads with a silver gorilla head. The highlight is the silver monkey head, which draws your attention as it is highlighted by the combination of beads.